Dog Safety Tips

The best way to prevent dog bites from occurring is to follow dog safety tips. All dogs are capable of causing damage, so owners should do everything possible to mitigate the risk of a dog attack. Following dog safety tips may save lives.

Tips to Keep Dogs Safe

Injured or uncomfortable dogs are much more likely to attack. It is important that dog owners follow dog safety tips not only to protect people and animals around the dog, but also to keep the dog safe from harm. Dog owners may not be aware that the dog is being put at risk in certain situations.

Common situations that put dogs at unnecessary safety risk include:

  • Putting a dog in the bed of a truck
  • Letting a dog put head or paws out the window of a moving vehicle
  • Letting a dog go outside without a leash
  • Leaving a dog in a parked car
  • Leaving a dog unattended in public
  • Putting a dog on a runner in the yard, especially in hot or cold conditions

Dog Safety Tips to Prevent Attacks

It is important that the dog owner understand the dog’s personality, so that the owner can recognize situations that make the dog uncomfortable and may provoke an attack. Dogs differ greatly in personality, and what upsets one dog may not upset another dog. Owners that are aware of warning signs when a dog is uncomfortable may be able to prevent dog attacks by taking the dog out of the situation before the aggression escalates.

Triggers that may cause a dog to become upset or aggressive include:

  • Certain social situations
  • Thunderstorms
  • Unfamiliar people entering home, especially if owners are not home
  • Children pulling on dog
  • Children petting, hugging, or kissing dog
  • Children or animals running past dog, especially while making noise
  • Unfamiliar people touching dog
  • Rough play

Safety Tips for Adopting a New Dog

Many people adopt dogs without doing proper research and being sure that they dog will fit the lifestyle. Dogs may need more or less exercise, attention, discipline, and food depending on the breed and disposition of the dog. If a dog owner is unable to provide the proper care, the dog is automatically being put at unnecessary risk for an attack.

Helpful tips when looking to adopt a new dog include:

  • Working closely with the organization or rescue center to ensure best fit
  • Doing research about the breed
  • Spending time with the dog prior to adoption
  • Introducing all family members (including other animals) to the dog before making a decision
  • Avoiding putting known aggressive dogs with children
  • Spaying or neutering dog as soon as possible
  • Beginning training as soon as possible




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