Dog Safety Tips to Prevent Attacks...

The best way to prevent dog bites from occurring is to follow dog safety tips. All dogs are capable of causing damage, so owners should do everything possible to mitigate the risk of a dog attack. Following dog safety tips may save lives.

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Dog Bite Scars...

Dog bite scars are very common after enduring a dog attack. Dog bite scars may range in severity. Dog bites in which damage is minimal may yield scars which will go away over time, while severe dog attacks may result in scars that are permanently disfiguring or disabling.

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Are you looking for a dog bite injury attorney to help you obtain monetary recovery for damages you suffered in an dog attack accident? The team at DWKMR&S is on call to help assess your potential for legal action. We provide multiple ways for prospective clients to connect with us. We will respond to you quickly, and your consultation with us is free and private. While our office is located in Orlando, our firm has the resources and connections to handle dog related litigation & compensation nationwide.

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Relevant News & Dog Injury Information

Stay up to date with the most recent legal news in dog injury litigation. Our blog hosts recent stories, updates in K-9 injury law, and dives deeper into your legal rights after an accident.

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Dog Attack Injury

While dogs can provide their owners and families with years of happiness and companionship, it is important to remember that all dogs can bite. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that as many as 4.7 million dog bites occur on a yearly basis. The majority of these dog bites do not require medical attention. However, those that do can have lifelong consequences for dog bite victims. Many dog bite victims face extreme pain, infection, scarring, disfigurement, and transmission of diseases.

In addition to painful injuries, dog bite victims often face long-term psychological damage and the burden of mounting medical bills. As a personal injury attorney with extensive experience in dog attack litigation, I have seen firsthand the damage that can result from a single bite. I’ve spent years fighting for those whose lives have been changed by a dog attack, and I strive to obtain the maximum possible compensation for my clients.

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